Textile Printing

Complete Transfer Print Industry for Textile & Various Applications 

Equipment and Types of printing:


This can be processed by: 

  • Screen Printing Machine 
  • Offset Printing Machine 
  • Digital Printing Machine

Depending upon the job length, graphics, application  the print run is decided by which method sticker should be produced.  It has got various application and selling could be: 

1.Direct selling (creating our own design ), and sell these stickers on open market.

2.Application on , T-Shirts, Frocks, tops, Denims, Caps, wallet, bags, logos,  etc.


This is achieved mostly in digital dye sublimation printing and has vast applications. The only limitation is can be applied to polyester and its family. According to print run if quantities are huge can be printed from gravure and offset printing machine also. 


1.All sports wear material, polyester and family material, lycra etc

2.Mugs, ceramics, mementos, key chain (also find enclosed the list of supplies )


The latest trend in fashion industry is replacing the use of sequences, embroidery, laces to Rhinestones. This is not only easy to use but you get lot of variety plus this is continuous process. We help in understanding the technology, creation of new design and of course helping in procurement of the raw material. If somebody does not want to spend money on expensive machines, alternate source of manufacturing is been provided.